Title of the practice: Multidisciplinary and integrative approach to cancer patients and disease

Organisation name: Institute for the Study, the Prevention and the Oncological Network (ISPRO) and Regional Center for Integrative Medicine (RCIM)

Region: Tuscany
Country: Italy
Total Region Population: 3,729,641 (2018)
Cooperation partners: Local Health Unit Tuscany Center; Local Health Unit Tuscany North West; Local Health Unit Tuscany South East – Healthcare Service, Region of Tuscany

Over the last 25 years, the Region of Tuscany has started a process of integration of complementary medicine (CM) in the Regional Health Service, defining oncology as a priority area of intervention. Based on the scientific evidence, some integrative therapies have been included in the oncological network, aimed to reduce the side effects of conventional anticancer therapies and improve the quality of life of patients. In 2019, the Regional Guidelines (Diagnostic and Therapeutic Care Pathway, DTCP) on breast cancer included a section on complementary and integrative medicine as supportive cancer care. In November 2021, the document ‘DTCP - Integrative Medicine for Cancer Patients’ designed the principles and actions of the application of complementary integrative medicine in oncology. The aim is to ensure patients effective, safe, high quality and uniform treatments and improve their quality of life, reducing the side effects of anticancer therapy in a multidisciplinary and sustainable approach.


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